Epic Rafting Season Begins Soon!

  By Colorado Caliber  |    Posted on March 16, 2019 at 10:35:10 AM

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We've been blessed with incredible amounts of snowfall this season, and that means the possibility of a truly EPIC rafting season is very real! Current snowpack for the state as a whole is currently at 143 percent of normal. The drainages that impact whitewater rafting are even better. The Brumley Snotel is at 146% of normal, Fremont Pass is at 134% and Porphyry Creek is at 129% of normal snowpack. 

Visit the USDA website for regular updates on snowpack levels statewide.

Colorado Caliber isn't a rafting outfitter, but we're still very excited because many of our customers are in the rafting business. With all the snowpack (and more to come, probably!) it looks like 2019 will be a really great year for anyone looking to experience rafting in one of Colorado's great rivers. That would be great news for everyone ...


Rafting is a huge part of the tourism industry in Colorado. Many people visit Colorado looking for a truly unique outdoor experience, and nothing really beats a great river trip! If the rivers aren't running at optimum levels, the experience isn't quite the same. When people visit our great state, we want them to have a wonderful time and then go back home and spread the word. Having a truly epic rafting season insures tourists will have a crazy good time!


The businesses that offer rafting trips naturally depend on good conditions to keep the reservations coming in. It's hard to overstate the impact of the rafting business on Colorado's economy. Many rafting business owners belong to the Colorado River Outfitters Association, a tight-knit industry group that also works to promote the state's rafting adventures to the general public.  A great year for these business owners means a great year for the Colorado economy, something all of us benefit from.

2016 was a record year for the rafting industry in Colorado. Outfitters had a combined 550,861 user days and an economic impact of $179.8 million. That was a great year; here's hoping the 2019 numbers are even better!

Of course, rafting isn't ONLY for tourists! I know that I love to hit the river anytime I get the chance. It's an experience that never gets old, for me at least. 

So when is the best time to go rafting in Colorado? Peak season begins in mid-May and runs through mid-August. Of course, those dates can change based on snow melt. It's always a good idea to check with your preferred rafting outfitter when you're planning a trip. 

High water season is part of the peak season and begins (usually) in late May and runs through June. This is when snow melt is really hitting its peak and the rafting can be the most thrilling. 

July through mid-August sees moderate river flow levels and low water season is generally from April through mid-May; and then again from August 16 through the end of September.

When to go? It depends on your experience level and what kind of adventure you're looking for. Again, talk to your preferred outfitter to figure out what's best for you.

You can start planning your rafting adventure by visiting the Colorado River Outfitters Associaton website, as they offer a complete list of member outfitters broken down by river. Of course, we highly recommend the following rafting outfitters because they carry Colorado Caliber products in their gift shops:


AVA is Colorado's premier adventure guide specializing in creating unforgettable outdoor experiences. They offer zip lining, fly fishing, off-road adventures, and SO MUCH MORE! On the rafting side, they offer trips on the Colorado River, the Arkansas River and Clear Creek. Visit their website to learn more and to start planning your trip! And be sure to check out the custom Colorado flag design we did for AVA!

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Echo Canyon is the largest commercian white water river rafting outfitter in the state. It's a family owned and operated business offering the finest in customer service. Echo Canyon is the ideal spot to add a real white water rafting adventure to your Colorado Rocky Mountain vacation, and to make lifelong memories. Echo Canyon is located near the Royal Gorge, about an hour from Colorado Springs. Be sure to check out their Colorado Caliber apparel when visiting! Visit their website to start planning your adventure!

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Check back often, as we'll be spotlighting our other rafting outfitter customers in the coming weeks as rafting season approaches!





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