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Craig Hospital: Because No Two Injuries Are The Same

  By Colorado Caliber  |    Wed Apr 05, 2017

Category: General

Sometimes, a client isn't just a client. We are very proud of our business relationship with Craig Hospital in Englewood. When we were asked to come up with a Colorado Caliber design that celebrated this unique hospital, we accepted the challenge and consider it one...

Welcoming Colorado Country to the COLORADO CALIBER Family!

  By Colorado Caliber  |    Wed Mar 15, 2017

Category: General

The tiny town of Empire has long been known as a gateway. Located on Highway 40, just off Interstate 70, you'll pass through Empire on your way to Winter Park ...

Newfound friends on the Colorado Trail

  By Colorado Caliber  |    Wed Jan 04, 2017

Category: General

When Glenn and I opened Platte River Outfitters in the fall of 2015 in our hometown of Bailey, Colorado , Carhartt clothing was our main product. Before we opened, you couldn’t buy a shirt or pair...

Wilderness On Wheels

  By Colorado Caliber  |    Tue Jan 03, 2017

Category: General

Colorado Caliber is proud to announce a brand new partnership with Wilderness On Wheels. We have developed a custom Colorado Caliber design for the non-profit. That design will be available on apparel in 2017, exclusively at Wilderness On Wheels in Grant,...

Grand Opening at Arapahoe Sports

  By Colorado Caliber  |    Sat Dec 10, 2016

Category: General

We were honored to be invited to the grand opening of Arapahoe Sports this past Friday evening. Arapahoe Sports is the retail store at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area. The store went through a massive renovation during the off-season. Now, it's bigger and better than ever!

Welcome to Colorado Caliber!

  By Colorado Caliber  |    Thu Nov 03, 2016

Category: General

We want to thank you for checking in with our new blog. Colorado Caliber is all about celebrating the things we love about our great state. Welcome to the Colorado Caliber family! We recently participated in the Colorado Country...

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